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OK, so I'm a pussy that I never even tried before today, but I've been working on getting good air and stoming the landings.  I got out on my SB12 today with some decent kickers from pretty big boats.  I got some pretty nice air early in the session and was nailing the landings, so I thought wtf - it's so warm, windy, beautiful - let's go for it.

I started going for it.  Every time I even tried I dropped the kite.  At first I was having trouble making it around.  The wipes were a bit painful.  Then I tried sending the kite - big mistake!  I over rotated, did a kite loop, and crashed hard on my head and back!  I kept at it - lots more crashes, but mostly less painful.  I did a few double loops but could not stick 'em and dropped the kite every time.  I started trying on my bad jump side and I nearly made it!  I came around, landed the board, and dropped the kite.  I kept working at it and started nailing them.  They were mostly pretty sloppy, but still stuck the landings and continued riding.  A few kind of landed on my ass and sailed away - pretty messy but still kinda counts.  I did have 3 or 4 pretty clean ones, but none as good as my last attempt.  I was carrying good speed with some nice wind.  I was holding the bar with one hand and went for the roll.  It all seemed to come together perfectly.  I landed with good speed and the kite was still in a good position.  It was very clean.  Strangely, I kept finding the kite would drift to the top after rotation - well this last time went off like a charm!  Great way to end the sesh.

Oh, I almost forgot, I also finally nailed my first toe side gybe.  It wasn't pretty, but it worked and I sailed away toe side.  I spent a lot more time doing toe-side to heel turns.  Had some pretty sweet and powerful ones.

What a great session!  Maybe tomorrow will be good too - calling for low teens from WNW...

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