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Pretty marginal weather today - but certainly enough for my CB16 and monster door.  However, I must say, after nailing myfirst back loops on Saturday, riding the door just wasn't quite what I was looking for.  I brought along a 1986 Cobra 260 windsurf board from an era long long ago. I never tried a directional board, and I don't have a surf board - this was the closest thing.  

It's pretty hard to get started.  Every time I'd put my feet on the board it would turn off the wind.  After some humiliation, I stuck my back foot in the strap and presto, I finally got up on the board!  First time riding this thing in years - and never without a mast, boom, and sail.  It popped up on a plane quite nicely and even rode upwind.  But it was really squirrelly and hard to keep tracking.  Granted, it is about 2-3 feet longer and a lot heavier than most kite surfboards, but it gave me a taste.  It definitely rides very differently from a twin tip and reminiscent of old school windsurfing.  I liked it - and definitely want to try this again - with a real directional board ;-)

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