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Awesome Predictions Lately

Today the peak was supposed to be at ~ 6:00 PM with gusts to 18 MPH.  The gusts even hit 20 at about 6:15!  Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to get out to enjoy this - and yes it hurt :-(.

Also note that Georgian Bay was going off all day.  Check it out:…


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Lightwind Day to Play

Pretty marginal weather today - but certainly enough for my CB16 and monster door.  However, I must say, after nailing myfirst back loops on Saturday, riding the door just wasn't quite what I was looking for.  I brought along a 1986 Cobra 260 windsurf board from an era long long ago. I never tried a directional board, and I don't have a surf board - this was the closest thing.  

It's pretty hard…


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Lame Father's Day

Seriously, maybe an hour of kitable weather.  I only caught the last 10 minutes :-( on my CB16 and Monster Door.…


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My First Back Roll

OK, so I'm a pussy that I never even tried before today, but I've been working on getting good air and stoming the landings.  I got out on my SB12 today with some decent kickers from pretty big boats.  I got some pretty nice air early in the session and was nailing the landings, so I thought wtf - it's so warm, windy, beautiful - let's go for it.

I started going for it.  Every time I even tried I dropped the kite.  At first I was having trouble making it around.  The wipes…


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2012 - The Season of the 9M

Today I got yet another 9M day in!  It was great.  I got on the water at Keswick at about 4:00.  The direction wasn't great so was a bit gusty, patchy, shifty.  It filled in with nice gusts.  Around 5:00 it really filled in with more of a NW shift.  There were some nice kickers out there which made for some sweet boosts.  I was doing well landing most - some pretty hard!  Had a couple that went down and under water before popping up - a bit too much of a nose first landing ;-). Had a couple…


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A truly EPIC day

What a gorgeous day it was today!  The wind was supposed to turn on ~3:30 at Keswick.  Like clockwork, it came on. I arrived about 3:20 and it was already going.  Dave Lovett, Dave Marshall and Big Ian were nearly ready when I showed.  Dave on his usual 10, Dave M on his 9, and Ian on an 11.  I quickly pumped my well exercised 9m and began launching the guys.

Being the last to get launched can really suck.  I tried to drift launch and my bridle got snagged on a strut and it…


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2 Summer Days in a Row

Well today was another treat.  I got up to Keswick around 3:15 and it had just kicked up big time.  I raced to get my gear together.  I decided to go a bit big with my 12 because it didn't look like the wind would last.  Boy was I right.  Unfortunately when I was all ready to connect my lines I saw that I had a broken bridle pulley!  Well of all the places for this to happen, on the ground is definitely the safest.  Meanwhile I was losing valuable wind time.  

I quickly got my…


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a mid summer hot session in May

35 degrees C in may! I had a great session this afternoon on my switchbade 12 with my monsterdoor.  i had to work a bit but the gusts were sweet  and even had some nice jumps.  the water was shockingly warm for this time of year.  so nice to not wear a full suit!

Tomorrow may…


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December 15, 2011 - A Personal Record Breaking Day

Today was warm and windy making a perfect opportunity to smash my previous record set on December 4 1994!  Back in '94 it was a beautiful sunny Sunday at about 13 degrees Celsius and blowing about 20-25 knots.  Sixteen years later I still remember that gorgeous day when a dozen or more die hard windsurfers sailed Keswick one last time for the season.

Today was supposed to be windy and 11 degrees Celsius.  All morning I worked feverishly as I watched the wind blowing at my…


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First winter storm in Haifa

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Keswick tomorrow - been jonesing to get some wind

Modest Northerlies.

All hinging on Irene and the hurricane turning Tropical Storm to the east should be big enough to push against the ridge of high pressure to the west and give a persistent North flow.

 ·  Timing is in question. If Irene wobbles to the east as some models show, we may see significantly less winds especially on Huron. Higher confidence in the flow on Georgian Bay and Simcoe. …


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Big Win for the OKA

New Dedicated kiteboard launch sites at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park Beach Area 5 and Wasaga Provincial Park Allenwood Beach

– Two of the busiest kiteboarding beaches in Ontario will now have designated kiteboard launches

– Current launch site at Beach 5 and Allenwood will be increased in size

– New beach signage and "kiteboard area" buoys to be installed see pics: and:…

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Un Moderated Blogs are Back!

Thanks to the complaints, Ning has removed the lame restriction forcing all blogs to be approved by me before showing up on the site.  Feel free to blog responsibly related to our sport


Have fun on the water!

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Getting the feel again

This afternoon was a sweet, sweet treat.  I got out on my SB12 with the Mako.  It was a bit up and down for the first hour or so, but then it filled in nicely for the rest.  At first I really struggled to get my pop back.  Sometimes I'd get a really nice pop and other times just all wrong.  Some were really nice boosts but most were messy. 


I focused on my toe-side with heel-side turns.  They started to get pretty nice.  Some were nice tight powerful turns with great exit…


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Downwinder at Jupiter

When I put my "golf bag" on the scale the Air Canada rep started to give me a hard time.  "Did you put anything other than your clubs in the bag?"  Just a few other things, but I weighed it and it's under the limit.  She didn't want to let it go.  Then her neighbour accused me "there's a board in there".  I ignored this nosie biatch.  Then she said "he's got a snowboard in there".  I gave a very weird look cuz what would I do with snowboard in Florida.  Anyway, they just let me go.  But wtf…


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Labour of Love Long Weekend

Definitely the windiest week this year, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, looks like it will keep blowing through Thursday! Yesterday I got to kite some of the windiest weather we get in the GTA. I went to Keswick where guys were riding 7's, windsurfers on 4.0's with extremely gusty conditions. Here's the graph from

I had to rig my 9m switchblade 1 since it's my…


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Kiter Non Grata

We're spending the week in Blue Mountain and I was blessed with some wind. Monday, I went to Allenwood beach because the wind direction was not very good for the Collingwood area. It was well worth the ride. I got there around 1 and there were a couple kiters taking breaks. I rigged my 12 and started to get changed when an angry local came and told me _his_ rules. He said we had to rig about 300m away from the beach and that we had to stay away from the swim area. I assured him I'd never… Continue

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Decent Little Session

My timing was pretty good thanks to the forecast from ikitesurf. I got to keswick at 12:30 and was on the water just before 1:00 with my new CB 16 for my first session with it. It was nice - the kite is great in the air. The wind was pretty marginal, but in the gusts I managed to get some nice air. Also lots…


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Attention Keswick Kiters

OK! Chaos in Keswick‏

From: Ontario Kiteboarding Association (

Sent: May 20, 2010 12:35:36 PM

To: (

Hey everyone,

As you've likely heard we lost access to the Glenwoods Keswick launch site last summer. The reason, basically kiters parking cars all over the place, kites being left strewn around the park, and kite after kite after kite ending up in the trees or crashed onto private… Continue

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Got Pop

Yesterday was looking to be sweet! The wind was blowing nicely in the high teens/low 20s. I managed to free my calendar for an afternoon session. By the time I got to Keswick @ 3:00ish the wind died! Brian was still on the water with a 10m but he weighs 75lbs or something. I waited it out slowly getting ready while watching for some wind. I eventually got out ~4:00 ish on my 16m and monsterdoor. I had to work the kite a lot and it was very light. I did manage to get a few gusts that could… Continue

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