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planning on hitting longpoint early aft...anyone else off tmrw?

change in plan...didn't hear from anyone going and presently there is still some north in the wind, so heading to mitchells bay where its blowing sw

how was it trace???? man tomorrow is looking killer!!! i hate work!!!!!!!!!!!! what a waist of life!!!! about 4 sessions this year!!!

i need a big wave day so bad!!!

didn't hear of anyone else going here and wind was still showing a north component to it, so I went to Mitchell's bay was a pretty good day...a little gusty but I was good on my 8m all afternoon...still blowing when I left, but was cold and had a good session so I called it a day...u would have loved kettlepoint last week...big waves, big wind...ALOT of fun(minus the overpowered squall scare) ;)
not even looking at tmrw...working, and trying not to torture myself ;)


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